Fabric of society
Textiles have got to be the backbone of Pakistan's industry. From producing raw cotton, to weaving it into Denim, Khaddar, Loin, Pakistan has this industry down pat. That along with the incredible creativity that is perennially in blossom, lends itself to a huge fashion explosion across fabrics, fashion and homewares. The country suffers from power cuts and doesn't have enough facilities to develop the inherited skills. By keeping production in Pakistan we can hope to contribute a little at least and by offering skills exchange through sustainable enterprises we can add to the much needed education gap around global best practices. It may not be so well known but whatever you see on the catwalk is likely to have been created in Pakistan first. Its first in cotton, ahead of the curve when it comes to design and with a capacious choice, it was the obvious place to start for us.
Date: 28.09.14
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