My kolachi’s inspiration comes from years of travelling and experiencing the rich cultural landscapes this world has to offer. We modernize old handicrafts and rework ageless designs to give a contemporary feel to cherished techniques.

Kolachi is the original name for Karachi, the port city of Pakistan where embroidery, weaving, block printing, crochet are amongst many of the crafts mastered by the amazingly talented women of the region.

Karachi is where we made our first pieces and where this story came to life.

We intend to work fair and be fair in all our practices and keep this heritage alive.
Our commitment to and ethical and sustainable approach along with our love of geometric prints and typography make us who we are, a brand with a passion for the organic and tradition embedded in a clean design setting, in a fair trade environment.

My Kolachi has a dual heritage from Europe and Asia with influences from all corners. From Pakistan to Turkey to Nepal and the Levant, each piece is lovingly handmade so no piece is the same and all the quirky imperfections make the products unique.

Dip into our world and leave with a bit of what you fancy.